Laminate Step elements

Your advantages

healthy Living

harmless to health, because free of PVC, chlorine and plasticizers


because of multi-layer-composite


dirt-resistant, easy and quick to clean

Nachhaltige Materialien

Alle Rohstoffe aus erneuerbaren Materialien

Homeline Laminate

The entry-level system offers you a wide range of options. For over a decade, we have been using this layer material to produce decorative stair elements.

As it is standard practice at trenovo, all the articles belonging to the laminate system are also identical in terms of decor. This is the only way we can ensure that from the start of the staircase through the landing up to the stair tread, everything is from one cast. Of course, this also includes the floor for the adjoining corridor.

As with all Trenovo systems, we reduce the risk of falls on stairs with a slip resistance of R10. This is how Trenovo ensures safety on stairs!

Our surfaces


The wooden decors are given a pleasant, matt surface by the structure.


Due to the embossing of the laminate, the surface appears particularly lively.

Das System

  1. Laminate skirting
  2. Landing laminate with UNICLIC
  3. U-profile for outer skirting
  4. Landing step with UNICLIC
  5. Stringer board
  6. LED-stainless steel spot
  7. Grand corner fillet for hiding the wall strings
  8. Side panel for open steps
  9. LED-board
  10. Small corner fillet for open rises or other cutting edges
  11. Color identical silicone
  12. Wiping strip / wall strip
  13. Stabilization profile and installation glue

The steps are available in five lenghts and four depths to optimize waste.

Trend-Front edge TV


Homeline Laminate – Highland Oak – Decor No.: 1120

Homeline Laminate – Toscana Oak – Decor No.: 1246

Homeline Laminate – Provence Oak – Decor No.: 1240

Homeline Laminate – Concrete – Decor No.: 1332

Homeline Laminate – Basalt Dark Pro – Decor No.: 1333

Homeline Laminate – Graphite – Decor No.: 1331