Your advantages

Fitting time

The stair elements of the trenovo system do not require priming, filling or sanding.

Harmonious transitions that match the decor

The staircase blends in perfectly with your living environment.

High safety standards

The step surface has been certified with the Category R10 anti-slip surface, and the fire performance of the steps has been graded Bl-s1.


dirt-resistant, easy and quick to clean


high-quality materials reduce room and impact sound

Free access

Such as priming, filling and sanding keeps to a minimum work in the stairwell that disrupts both residents and passing trade.

Due to its very high durability, anti-slip and our flexible production possibilities, Objectline offers the perfect basis for the renovation or construction of a new staircase in the commercial sector.
While working on big projects, partial closure of the stairs for several days has to be avoided.
The use of our Trenovo stair elements makes time consuming preliminary work like priming, smoothing over and grinding unnecessary. The combination of wrapped, butt-joint free stair elements and floor coverings create a harmonic overall impression between the stairwell and connected hallways.
The use of several different lengths and depths enables us to reduce material consumption to a minimum and therefore reduce costs.


  1. Vinyl-floor for bonding as planks, tiles and rolles goods – 2 mm / 2.5 mm (application example: hallway)
  2. Exit-step with aluminium profile
  3. Landing step
  4. Click-full-vinyl – 5 mm (application example: pedestal)
  5. LED-stainless steel spot
  6. Side panel for open steps
  7. Small corner fillet for open rises or other cutting edges
  8. Cheek cover
  9. LED-board
  10. Color identical silicone
  11. Step
  12. Stabilization profile and installation glue
  13. Riser

The steps are available in 5 lengths and four depths to optimize waste.

Surface – “Allura


trenovo objectline summer oak decor no.: 1328

trenovo objectline oak flamed decor No.: 1252

trenovo objectline core oak aged decor No.: 1209

trenovo objectline concrete natural décor no.: 1210

trenovo objectline concrete anthracite dark decor No.: 1211

Surface “Sphera”


trenovo objectline quartz light grey decor no.: 1206

trenovo objectline quartz grey decor no.: 1207

trenovo objectline quartz black decor No.: 1208

In addition every decor out of the „Colorex“ programme by Forbo are also available on request!

Further information on the partnership with Forbo can be found here