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Our new decors 2022/2023

A staircase not only has a functional aspect, it is an essential design element within a room. Sometimes the staircase can even be the decisive decor factor to give the rooms that special flair. For example, as a living idea for inspiration in interior design.

Authentic surface

High-quality decor has authentic surface structures that cannot be distinguished from natural materials by the naked eye. Even wood grains are imitated naturally. These materials, whether in wood, vinyl, laminate or stone look, immediately outdo the natural alternatives in many ways. On the one hand, through the safety aspect with R10 slip-resistant coating and the solid wood core, which guarantees maximum stability from the inside out. (according to the German Institute for Stair Safety). On the other hand, however, also through the pure look, because the material has no colour interruptions in the area of the front edge.

Healthy living

Conscious and healthy eating has long since arrived in society and so has healthy living. That is why Schattdecor, with its Proflex 3D product, has set itself the task of developing multi-layer modular flooring systems without harmful substances. This means no PVC, no chlorine, no plasticisers of any kind.

With the perfect characteristics:

  • easy-care surface – easy to clean and resistant to chemicals
  • reduced room and impact sound
  • highest safety standards


With the right staircase, you can not only make the best use of space, but also have a decisive influence on the look of your living space and thus on the atmosphere of well-being. Regardless of which design you choose, Homeline provides you with cost-effective solutions of the best quality.

Be inspired by our new decor program!

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