Solution Block steps

 Your advantages 

healthy living

harmless to health, because free from PVC, chlorine and plasticizers

easy on the joints

thanks to elastic surface


high-quality materials reduce room and impact sound

warm to the feet

pleasantly warm and comfortable for an optimal walk feeling


no unpleasant surprises or electrostatic discharges


because of multi-layer-composite


dirt-resistant, easy and quick to clean

Homeline Block steps

Precisely according to your templates or electronic data, we manufacture the complete steps in an assembly-friendly manner.

It does not matter whether it is a straight or a drawn step. Whether corner cut-out or rounding.

All components are ready for assembly, from the staircase entrance to the landing to the stair exit.

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Our block step for almost everything …

Whether new staircase construction or renovation, our
steps keep what they promise visually!

Perfect components lead to a perfect whole.

Our unique PP multi-layer composite ensures a brilliant
and absolutely authentic appearance of the step surface.
This ecologically safe composite is free of PVC,
chlorine and plasticizers and meets the strictest specifications.
With this healthy surface we encase a carrier plate,
which is characterized by enormous strength and environmental

Solution and a variety of options …..

Decorative identical flooring, large-format decorative panels and moldings will help you realize your living dreams.

Decor-identical flooring

Adjacent ground surfaces are covered with
floor with identical decor, so that the design
continues smoothly and blends into a large whole.

Components for direct assembly

From start of the staircase to the landing up to the
stairway exit, all components are ready for assembly.

Step formats easy to assemble

Exact fit according to your specifications (DXF/DWG -file or template), we produce different step formats easy to assemble.

Aluminum keder

Upon request, we can install a high-quality aluminum keder in the step. Especially with the dark decors, this adds to a better perception and optical separation.


Uncompromisingly good …

Besides quality, two points are of major importance to us!

Optics/Design :

  • An absolutely authentic-looking surface sets standards through brilliant decor depth and haptics.
  • From the tread to the front edge up to the underside, all steps have a continuous surface.
  • The shapely and secure leading layout design fits into the design concept of the staircase.
  • Edges on the sides in end-grain look provide a perfect finish.

Safety :

  • safe and pleasant use due to a 5 mm radius at the front edge of the step
  • continuous, full-surface slip resistance R10
  • increased resistance to breaking due to solid natural wood core, total thickness 42 mm

StairBox System

Take advantage of our service. The Flexijet Stairbox is a step measurement system that allows you to create exact CAD stair measurements in a fraction of the conventional time.

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Homeline Solution – Fjord Oak – Decor No.: 1317

Homeline Solution – Nordland Oak – Decor No.: 1337

Homeline Solution – Oak bleached – Decor No.: 1335

Homeline Solution – Sand Oak – Decor No.: 1316

Homeline Solution – Country Oak – Decor No.: 1321

Homeline Solution – Tyrolean Oak – Decor No.: 1336

Homeline Solution – Castle Oak – Decor No.: 1320

Homeline Solution – Dark Oak – Decor No.: 1334

Homeline Solution – Loft  light – Decor No.: 1339

Homeline Solution – Loft grey – Decor No.: 1338

Homeline Solution – Concrete grey Pro – Decor No.: 1340

Homeline Solution – Dark Oak – Decor No.: 1334