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    Dear visitor, this page is currently under construction.

    Our block-step for almost everything…


    Whether new staircase construction or renovation, our steps keep what they visual promises!

    Perfect components lead to a perfect whole.

    Our unique PP multi-layer composite ensures a brilliant and absolutely authentic appearance of the step surface.

    This ecologically safe composite is free of PVC, chlorine and plasticizers and meets the strictest specifications.

    With this healthy surface we wrap a carrier plate which is characterized by enormous strength and environmental compatibility.


     More technical details about Stepline can be found here.

    Sand oak

    Decor no. 1316

    Country house oak

    Decor no. 1321

    Castle oak

    Decor no. 1320

    Fjord oak

    Decor no. 1317

    Concrete grey

    Decor no. 1319

    Concrete anthracite

    Decor no. 1318