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    Vinyl surfaces

    The structure

    01: Vinyl-floor for bonding as planks, tiles and rolles goods – 2 mm / 2.5 mm (application example: hallway)
    02: Exit-step with aluminium profile
    03: Landing step
    04: Click-full-vinyl – 5 mm (application example: pedestal)
    05: LED-stainless steel spot
    06: Side panel for open steps
    07: Small corner fillet for open rises or other cutting edges
    08: Cheek cover
    09: LED-board
    10: Color identical silicone
    11: Step
    12: Stabilization profile and installation glue
    13: Riser

    The steps are available in 5 lengths and four depths to optimize waste.

    Trenovo Objectline "allura"

    Limed white oak

    Dekor Nr.: 1055

    Summer oak

    Dekor Nr.: 1328

    Flamed oak

    Dekor Nr.: 1252

    Aged core oak

    Dekor Nr.: 1209

    Concrete natural

    Dekor Nr.: 1210

    Concrete anthracite dark

    Dekor Nr.: 1211

    Trenovo Objectline "sphera"

    All three quartz decors originate from the „Sphera“ programme by Forbo and offer multiple uses combined with the vinyl rolled goods. Upon request all decors of the Sphera programme are also available as stair covering.

    In addition every decor out of the „Colorex“ programme by Forbo are also available on request!

    Quartz light grey

    Dekor Nr.: 1206

    Quartz Grey

    Dekor Nr.: 1207

    Quartz Black

    Dekor Nr.: 1208