What’s on it? Our healthy and sustainable surface.

Whether for stair or floor coverings, pollutant-free surfaces are a matter of course for people who want to live consciously and healthily.

We at trenovo rely on the healthy living coating of our partner schattdecor and process its innovative surface (Proflex 3D) in our trenovo product range Homeline Solution.


Proflex 3D from Schattdecor is a refined thermoplastic-based surface. Using natural, water-soluble dyes, PP film is printed on conventional gravure presses and then given a thermoplastic wear layer. The customer thus receives a flexible, elastic surface that guarantees durability.

Ideal for health-conscious customers

This proven coating from Schattdecor contains harmless raw materials, because it is free of PVC, plasticizers, chlorine or solvents. Proflex 3D thus creates a high level of living space quality. With 0% pollutants and 100% feel-good quality, Proflex 3D is the ideal product for health-conscious living for our customers.

Surface structures that convince

The embossing of the wear layer creates a wood pore structure. The thermoplastic surface thus impresses not only with its appearance, but also with its natural feel. Proflex 3D/Homeline Solution can hardly be distinguished from real material.


  • Healthy for living – without pollutants
  • Gentle on joints & antistatic
  • Easy to clean & hard-wearing
  • High-quality materials: reduced room and impact noise
  • Warm & comfortable underfoot
  • Safe & pleasant to use
  • Full-surface slip resistance R9/R10
  • UV light resistant
  • Clear surface structure

Both environmentally friendly, healthy-for-living materials and robust, slip-resistant surfaces are currently favorites among consumers.