Our Accessories


U-profile 8/68 and 8/83
You can use U-profiles to give open staircases a finish that`s identical
to the décor at the back, but these strips can also be used to
cover strings in no time at all.
Size: 8 x 68 x 2700 mm
Size: 8 x 83 x 2700 mm

Side panel
The side panel with precision milled grooves can be used on both
sides – the perfect solution for the side closure of the open step.
For the cut edge of the risers of the risers use the WL 8 x 20
Size: 10 x 70 x 500 mm

Laminate strip 16 / 50 and AFL 19 / 60
The ideal solution for landing or areas in which you are laying
laminate floors with an identical decor to the staircase. The understated,
high-quality look gives you an attractive wall termination.
Size: 16 x 50 x 2700 mm – 19 x 60 x 2700 mm

Stringboard (MDF)
An ideal solution for covering the string using a stringboard identical
to the décor. Highly abrasion-resistant, scratch-resistant and
wear-resistant, to give you an attractive solution that keeps its
Size: 8 x 410 x 2800 mm

LED angle strip 22 /45
Identical to the angle strip 22 /45 in terms of profile, this strip
delivers a decisive advantage: using the pre-made milling groove
enables the LED staircase lightning to be integrated so that it
cannot be seen.
Size: 22 x 45 x 2700 mm

Wiping strip / wall strip
(with surrounding matching ABS edge strip)
This product is available in all our homeline decors. With the trenovo
wiping and wall strip you get a perfect wall finish. From the
200 x 700 format cut 2 wiping strips.
Size: 8 x 200 x 700 mm

First step
A perfectly finished first step is an eye catcher and at the same
time extremely difficult to achieve. The precise prefabricated elements
give you a high-quality and elegant appearance.
Size: Pentagonal 350 x 160 x 200 mm