Vinyl stair profil system

Your advantages


for the commercial sector


dirt-resistant, easy and quick to clean

high safety standards

The step surface has been certified with the Category R10 anti-slip surface, and the fire performance of the steps has been graded Bl-s1.


high-quality materials reduce room and impact sound


High quality surfaces for a long useful life

fitting time

The stair elements of the trenovo system do not require priming, filling or sanding.


no electrostatic discharges

free access

Such as priming, filling and sanding keeps to a minimum work in the stairwell that disrupts both residents and passing trade

Stair profil system in the application

What advantages does our system offer.

decor-identical floor

The staircase blends in perfectly with your living environment. The steps, strings and floor form a single unit. The effect is as though the surfaces of the individual elements came from the same mould. The trenovo stairway system offers materials that match the decor perfectly.


Everything from a single source

All components of the trenovo staircase systems offer you a complete solution with absolute identical materials. Matching the system, we offer decor-identical flooring, decorative panel in large-format as well as various strips. This variety
enables us to ensure that both the staircase and all adjoining floor surfaces create a harmonious color concept.

Installation speed

The step elements of the trenovo system do not require priming, filling or sanding. A coordinated profil system makes the connection to the adjacent corridor area easy to implement.

In case of unevenness in the platform area, we recommend our platform leveling floor, which eliminates the need for time-consuming leveling of the subfloor.


Side panel

Our decorative side panels are used for staircase with open sides. Unattractive concrete edges are thus covered.

Vinyl stair profil system

  1. Step widths 1600 mm, 2050 mm and 2600 mm
  2. Shock-free & joint-free
  3. harmonious transitions to the continuing floor area
  4. sustainable and durable
  5. easy to maintain
  6. quick installation – without filling, without sanding
  7. continuous walkability during installation
  8. low noise pollution

The Sphera decors

 “Sphera” is manufactured according to the latest technological standards in forbo’s production facilities. The collections set new standards in this product range in terms of functionality and design.

Homogeneous floors in non-directional looks. Like the allura collection, this surface of the Sphera decors is low-emission and 100% phthalate-free.


trenovo objectline – quartz light grey – decor No.: 1206

trenovo objectline – quartz grey – decor No.: 1207

trenovo objectline – quartz black – decor No.: 1208

Further information on the partnership with Forbo can be found here