Sustainability & healthy living with solution

Solution Step elements

Your advantages 

healthy Living

harmless to health, because free of PVC, chlorine and plasticizers

easy on the joints

thanks to elastic surface


high-quality materials reduce room and impact sound

warm to the feet

pleasantly warm and comfortable for an optimal walk feeling


no unpleasant surprises or electrostatic discharges


because of multi-layer-composite


dirt-resistant, easy and quick to clean

Our surfaces




The trenovo step decors impress with a particularly deep and pronounced decor sharpness. Due to two particularly authentic surface structures, our trenovo decors get a pleasant feel, which
comes very close to natural materials such as wood and concrete. This structure also makes a significant contribution to safety, which means that we achieve a slip resistance of R 10 and thus prevent dangerous accidents. The trenovo stepped surface is elastic and at the same time warm to the feet due to its multi-layer composite. This increases the walking comfort on the stairs and the adjacent corridor areas and thus ensures a pleasant running feeling and better acoustics in the staircase area. Proflex eco-label for surfaces


  1. AFL laminate skirting
  2. Landing laminate with UNICLIC
  3. U-profile for outer skirting
  4. Landing step with UNICLIC
  5. Stringer board
  6. LED-stainless steel spot
  7. Grand corner fillet for hiding the wall strings
  8. Side panel for open steps
  9. LED-board
  10. Small corner fillet for open rises or other cutting edges
  11. Color identical silicone
  12. Wiping strip / wall strip
  13. Stabilization profile and installation glue

The steps are available in five lenghts and four depths to optimize waste.

Our front edges

Design-front edge DV


Homeline Solution – Fjord Oak – Decor No.: 1317

Homeline Solution – Nordland Oak – Decor No.: 1337

Homeline Solution – Oak bleached – Decor No.: 1335

Homeline Solution – Sand Oak – Decor No.: 1316

Homeline Solution – Country Oak – Decor No.: 1321

Homeline Solution – Tyrolean Oak – Decor No.: 1336

Homeline Solution – Castle Oak – Decor No.: 1320

Homeline Solution – Dark Oak – Decor No.: 1334

Homeline Solution – Loft light – Decor No.: 1339

Homeline Solution – Loft grey – Decor No.: 1338

Homeline Solution – Concrete grey Pro – Decor No.: 1340

Homeline Solution – Concrete Anthracite Pro – Decor No.: 1341