Formation of a new company – Heinz Kottmann founded the company trenovo Treppensysteme

The BHK department will be a stand-alone company                                          

At the end of 2021 Heinz Kottmann founded the company „trenovo Treppensysteme e.K., Inh. Heinz Kottmann“ as a sole proprietorship. This company includes the BHK department trenovo together with the factory outlet and the property and buildings of Heidfeld 5. The operative start is the first of January 2022.

Trenovo Treppensysteme e.K. is a new company based on 50 years of BHK history. 20 years ago BHK developed a stair case profile based on laminate flooring. This product is still in the market as moderna scala with a slightly modification. 10 years ago BHK generated the wrapped stair case profile as the stair case renovation system trenovo designed for professionals. This product is produced in an industrial process in Büren and is sold in Germany as well as internationally.

As a separate company trenovo will focus on the scope of stair case – renovation and new buildings – and will raise the market share in Germany and Europe.

The product range of trenovo covers the laminate surface for the home market as well as the vinyl surface for the project business. The program solution based on the Proflex surface is an innovation launched two years ago. The new product introduction of the block steps widens the distribution, so now trenovo covers the renovation and new buildings – home market and project business. The advantages of our product range will lead to an enormous growth.

trenovo will invest in marketing means. Especially in social media trenovo will strengthen its presence. It started to relaunch the website

All staff of the BHK department trenovo continues to work in the new company. So the company starts with 18 employees. The company will be managed by the owner Heinz Kottmann and by Michael Rennkamp, who was the division manager of the BHK department trenovo for many years.

Contact person:

Heinz Kottmann, Owner
Mona Vorschulze, Marketing

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